About GIA

A Benchmark And The Last Word In Gemstone Industry

Since 1931 GIA, the renowned and leading authority in the gemstone industry engaged in protecting public benefits. GIA is a nonprofit organization offering detailed analysis and grading information about diamonds, pearls and gemstones. Besides this, GIA serves as a reliable source of knowledge, education and standards in gems and jewelry along with offering certified diamonds.

GIA for Diamonds


GIA comes with plenty of courses and diploma programs to build successful careers in gems and jewelry with in-depth knowledge and skills.
gia certified loose diamonds


Expanding the knowledge base to widen the span of awareness in the world of gemstones. GIA is simplifying the things for all through its groundbreaking research on gemstones.
gia certified diamonds


Accurate and unbiased grading and analysis of gems and jewelry to protect public interests. GIA standards are benchmarks in the industry.
GIA Certification – Mark Of Quality

GIA certification is well-known for its accuracy and integrity. GIA certification is a mark of trust and reliability for all gemstone buyers all around the world. It follows all standards and norms strictly to give unbiased grading reports for public interests.