Analysis And Grading

Gems, the most precious stones in the world! Assessing the features and quality of gemstones has immense importance in the view of buyers who pay for it. GIA is one of the most trustworthy names in the gem industry offering unbiased analysis and grading services. GIA diamond certificate is well-known for accuracy and integrity of analysis and grading reports attained by thorough research and study.

GIA Reports And Services

  • Diamonds – Assess diamonds for authenticity, quality and features like color grading from D-Z and others by GIA diamond certificate.
  • Colored Diamonds – Evaluate colored diamonds for their origin and color grading with the GIA’s color grading system.
  • Synthetic Diamonds – Ensure identity of synthetic GIA loose diamonds and laser inscriptions through distinctive reports at GIA
  • Colored Stones – Verify gemstone identity and features by thorough expert gemological examination.
  • Pearls – Avail the complete documentation of pearls/ pearl jewelry with specific attributes, origin/ growth environment and mollusk type.
  • Unknown – Reveal the identity of stones/ materials. GIA gemologists discover its origin and authenticity.
GIA Certification – Mark Of Quality

GIA certification is well-known for its accuracy and integrity. GIA certification is a mark of trust and reliability for all gemstone buyers all around the world. It follows all standards and norms strictly to give unbiased grading reports for public interests.