Professiona Education

Do you have great passion for gemstones, diamonds and jewelry? Encourage your passion to grow and convert into a fabulous career in gemology. Think of professional education with the leader and trade in certified loose diamonds jewelry. GIA comes with the best gem and jewelry education by leading industry experts. You have different alternatives to choose career through GIA courses and diploma programs which nurture your passion and skills through knowledge and guidance.


A Gateway In The World Of Gemstones

Gems, a sparkling wealth all around the world comes with enormous opportunities for trained and qualified gemologists. Wherever gems/ diamonds are traded, deals are negotiated, or mining trends are charted all around the world, there are a lot of opportunities for expert gemologists. Claim these opportunities worldwide by being a trained gemologist.


Enjoy Exciting And Glorious Retail Jewelry Industry Career

If you are jewelry enthusiasts or you like to drive your career in jewelry trading, GIA promotes your passion with comprehensive knowledge and skills to succeed in a rewarding career. You can be a fine jewelry consultant or even open your own store. Establish in the retail jewelry industry and become jewelry specialist.


Marvelous Fine Jewelry Arena For Your Creativity

Unleash your imaginations and creativity with sound knowledge and skills in gemology. You have plenty of opportunities highlight your design skills in the jewelry industry. GIA comes with diploma programs to excel in designs. Learn advanced technology solutions to enhance your design skills. Plenty of opportunities are waiting for you.
GIA Certification – Mark Of Quality

GIA certification is well-known for its accuracy and integrity. GIA certification is a mark of trust and reliability for all gemstone buyers all around the world. It follows all standards and norms strictly to give unbiased grading reports for public interests.

GIA Diamond Certificate